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Support the Neediest Among Us…

llinois’ $6 billion budget deficit, and the legislature’s paralysis, have forced social service agencies to cut programs or close their doors permanently. Most of these non-profits, having depended on State of Illinois funding, are hard pressed to cultivate other streams of revenue – and their clients’ needs go unheeded.

“Heart Connections” offers a solution. It is an e-commerce web poimagesrtal designed to broaden the market reach and increase revenues for its participants – non-profits and businesses alike. The portal includes a description of each participating non-profit agency, a list of its own products and services, as well as those of participating businesses. “Heart Connections” enables customers to support an agency in a big way while shopping on line. Shoppers may designate one or more agencies to receive a significant portion of the proceeds of the sale. The shopper may also choose to simply make a donation.

By selling their own products or services, and/or by being designated as the donation recipient, the non-profit may realize 20 to 180 times the revenue offered through other popular e-commerce venues. The universe of buyers and donors for all the participating agencies is ever expanding, as non-profits realize growing, market driven revenues – and their customers can show that they have a “Heart” for their favorite charitable cause.

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